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Usually the first trade worker called in plumbing emergencies MJFRICK, plumbers work on water and drainage pipes, installing plumbing fixtures, and repairing broken pipes. They may also be involved in design and maintenance work.

Plumbing workers need to have a valid license to work in most states. They also need good motor skills, as they often carry heavy equipment around. They may be self-employed, or work for a plumbing company. They may also work in commercial or residential settings. Some plumbers also become instructors at local colleges.

Plumbers have to be willing to work in tough conditions. They may work outdoors, in poor weather, or in dark or cramped spaces. They may also travel long distances to work. They also risk infections while handling human waste.

Plumbers may also work in smaller or large teams. They may become team leaders or estimators. They may also work for companies or architectural firms.

Plumbers may specialize in different areas, including ventilation, air conditioning, and sanitation. Some plumbers work on new construction, while others specialize in repair work. They may also become engineers and work in the construction or building services engineering industry.

Plumbers need to have good communication skills and the ability to explain their work to customers. They also have to be good problem-solvers. They may need to work in small or large companies, and be on call.

They may work on homes, businesses, and factories. Some plumbers may work in hospitals or other large buildings.

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