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Make sure your roofer is not a criminal

Make sure your roofer is not a criminal

Roofing involves a large scale of money. So, scammers do target this section as its an easy target if the homeowner isn’t going to check everything thoroughly. They target families with an immediate need for roofing since they often don’t verify the contractor or the company much.
Would it bother you if your roofer had a criminal record? What if his criminal record was for violent crimes? Would you like to know this information before he begins work on your property?
Again there is a very easy method you can use to find all of this information and feel good about the people you allow on your property. Criminal records are public information and you will have no problem seeking out this information. Just research their name on the internet and use keywords in your search. If there is anything that you should know about this individual, it will be revealed in the research information that comes up.

A good roofer will work with you

What if your roofer has a clean record but the people he has working for him do not? If you are satisfied with what you find out about the roofer you want to use, then before he starts, do not be afraid to ask for all the names of the people he will be using on the crew that performs the work. They are his employees and a good roofer will be proud enough of his people to tell you who they are. Who knows, maybe he could learn a thing or two about the people who work for him if he hasn’t already checked.

Image result for rooferRoofing is a professional business and with the money that is involved, you deserve to have only professional people working on your roof. A large repair or a new roof will take more than one day to complete. These people will be making repeated trips to your home so why not take a little bit of time and verify that these are the people you want on your property. 
There are many ways you can protect yourself from fraud or unfair charges. If you don’t have paid material receipts and lien waivers, you’re going to end up paying for your roof twice.
It’s important to get a detailed contract in advance that includes any provisions for extras or changes. If it makes you a little nervous or that this may be an invasion of someone’s privacy, let us do the research for you. We can agree that you are told only what you should know regarding a criminal record if one even exists.

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