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John Olson Builder, Inc. was founded in 1985 with three core beliefs in mind: honesty, quality, and generosity. Our continual pursuit of these guiding principles has earned John Olson Builder the reputation of being the premier commercial and residential General Contractor in Aspen, Colorado.

There are certain practices employed within the John Olson Builder work environment that lend credence to our beliefs and fundamentally shape our philosophy for success. One such practice is the facilitation of communication between parties throughout the life of a project. Fostering continual awareness through frequent discussion is one of the most effective means for maintaining the health of a project over time. Our detail-oriented job-cost estimate sheet is one tool we use to meet this goal. Having an itemized account of every cost associated with a project is an invaluable resource for maintaining a universally accessible conduit for open communication amongst stakeholders.

Here at John Olson Builder we believe our combined skill-sets and straightforward approach to doing business position us within a desired segment of the construction industry. Our business philosophy lends itself to the fulfillment of the customer’s desires in a manner that coincides with their sense of value and our own. We look forward to demonstrating our one-of-a-kind service to you in the near future.

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