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Best Kitchens Nottingham 

Best Kitchens Nottingham 

Each person has his own idea of a luxurious house and its interior. Everyone can see some overall concept of the building and basically can describe it but when it comes to the kitchen many people simply fall into a stupor. Too large range of furniture, household appliances and utensils makes people confused and ask help from the professional designers those would find the optimal solution of such a concern. 

Futuristic kitchen comes first. This example of the kitchen was designed by Pininfarina. The modern trend of metallization of everything that occurs everywhere here was taken as a stylistic basis. Metallized furniture, cabinets, racks and other elements as if are conducting a fine line between the aircraft and the lives of people. Most of the items are made from recycled sheets of aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel. The project was called “Acropolis”. It has a large sink, four-burner electric stove, stylized holders for knives and plenty of space.

Best Kitchens Nottingham

Make a list of the necessary built-in appliances and small household, which partially will be on the table, partially will be removed in the cabinets. So you will understand how much space is left for utensils and food storing. Kitchen accessories and utensils should be stored next to the place of their use. It is conveniently to store cereals and canned goods in drawered baskets. Think carefully about the place for double boiler. It is preferably to put it under the hood because the steam from it can damage the body and facades of mounted modules.

Designing a kitchen it is important to take into account the growth of the people who will prepare the food. The standard height of the countertops is 85 inches but it can be adjusted for individual features.

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